21-22 Nov 2019

Imperial Palace Vienna

Speaker : Peter J. Williamson

The 11th Drucker Forum will enlighten and equip leaders across economic sectors facing the growing opportunities and challenges of business ecosystems.

11th Global Peter Drucker Forum


Key Questions

  • What does it mean to be an effective leader in a business ecosystem? What new competencies are required in these more ambiguous and richly connected environments?
  • As advanced digital technologies such as AI, machine learning, and the internet of things spread, how will business ecosystems evolve?
  • What governance mechanisms make sense for ecosystems?
  • Are there different types of business ecosystems and, if so, what are their distinguishing characteristics?
  • Under what conditions do productive ecosystems emerge? What role should the state play as facilitator and/or regulator?
  • Can more generative ecosystems be designed or can they only be cultivated? Is any business an island? Must every manager think more expansively about achieving performance gains?
  • How should a company’s broader ecosystem influence its own organizational design? In an era of networks and platforms, do we need a new “theory of the firm”?
  • How do the competitive dynamics of ecosystems complicate strategy development and execution? Is management theory and practice keeping pace with the rapid emergence of complex business ecosystems? Do we have the concepts and tools to cope with—or better, to capitalize on—the shift?


2019 Global Drucker Forum

21/11/2019 Global Peter Drucker Forum

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